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Independent Wellness Consultant in Lincolnshire, UK

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Courtesy of #WellnessRoady© | Independent Wellness Consultant | UKMidlands & International.

Helping people who prefer to take control & have a positive influence over their WellBeing & those they care about, based on NIKKEN's unique, World patented TotalWellness technologies. Our bioPhysical & bioReplenishment technologies avoid consequences of chemically induced or other potentially adverse side effects & as such, are non~invasive.

Purveyors of fine WearableTechnologies since 1975!

MyNikken UK & International JapaneseHealth Business Philosophy~

The NIKKEN vision includes an understanding that TotalWellness foundations rest on 5 Pillars of Health ~ HealthyBody, HealthyMind, HealthyFamily, HealthySociety & HealthyFinances. Balance in all of these areas can help produce a more satisfying, Healthy & rewarding LifeStyle.

NIKKEN offers the means to attain this Balance, through NIKKENProducts, the NIKKEN WellnessHome, Leisure & WorkPlace Environments & the NIKKEN BusinessOpportunity. Specialties include Health, Wellness, Wealth, Opportunity, Freedom, Balance, Security; much like Nature intends for you ~ Let it Happen & Let MyNikken Veteran Team help you,,, in Business for ourselves but not by ourselves,,, it's our Pleasure,,,

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Mark aka #WellnessRoady©