Mark Sivy


Mark Sivy

During my career I’ve gained experience, skills, and knowledge in the realms of education, talent development, e-learning, business, leadership, corporate organization, education technology, and instructional strategies. Additionally through my professional research and study, I’ve achieved a doctorate in educational leadership and instructional systems technology, as well as high levels of expertise in online learning, virtual operations, learning theory, research methodologies, assessment and evaluation processes, and qualitative and quantitative analyses. I now continue to merge this background with ongoing practice, research, theory, and innovation to meet professional obligations and to contribute to organization effectiveness and success.


• Learning, training and talent development

• Leadership and program management

• Instructional design and deployment

• In-person, online and blended learning

• Learning models and theory application

• E-Learning and learning technologies

• Assessment, evaluation and data analysis

• Instructional systems technology (HPT)

• Communication (written, oral, and virtual)

• Collaboration and cross-functional teams

• Complex analysis and problem-solving

• Critical, abstract and creative thinking

• Evidence-based research and practice

• Project, knowledge and innovation management

• Increased a learning program’s enrollment by over 1200% using innovative instructional design and personalize learning
• Established an online learning program and technical infrastructure to support over 1,400 staff members and 22,000 end-users.
• Led cross-departmental collaborative efforts to create a digital media center, an instructional technology training and development lab, and a digital learning commons.
• Developed multiple virtual learning environments for a community college system comprised of 58 institutions and used the environments to offer online talent development, training, and support.
• Hosted, co-directed, and led volunteer efforts that transitioned an annual 3-day international learning conference from in-person to virtual environments, reducing the cost from $140,000 to $500.
• Directed a global team that delivered a two-day workshop on entrepreneurial and technological skills to an international group of learners assembled in the Middle East.

  • Work
    • Cosmic Surrounding Technology
  • Education
    • Texas A&m University
    • University of Houston
    • University of North Carolina at Charlotte