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Mark Bronner Diamonds

diamonds in New York

Mark Bronner Diamonds

diamonds in New York

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Mark Bronner Diamonds has been a leading professional in the diamond industry for the past 20 years. Throughout his life, he has worked across a multitude of fields, including labor, construction, and investments. He is now recognized in New York City for his knowledge and professionalism in the world of diamonds.

Growing up on the east coast, Mark Bronner Diamonds always spent time with his family. Being one of five siblings, Mark always looked up to his parents for setting good examples and high expectations for their children. He spent his early years in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, where his mother and father could commute to their jobs at St. Joseph’s Hospital and as a professor at University of Pennsylvania, respectfully.

At an early age, Mark Bronner Diamonds recognized the value of working hard. Starting in high school, Mark and his brothers all worked construction jobs at Daniel J. Keating full time when they were not attending prep school at Malvern Prep. There, they learned the true value of hard work and grit to complement their formal education and involvement in sports. At Malvern Prep, Mark discovered his natural talent in lacrosse and eventually accepted a scholarship to the University of Delaware.

In Delaware, Mark Bronner Diamonds grew interested in learning about investment. Thus, he became an intern at various financial firms each summer of his college career. He graduated from Delaware with a Bachelor’s degree in Business. Upon graduation, Mark accepted a job at Keating Construction, the construction company he worked for during high school with his brothers. There, Mark was able to expand the company significantly by improving efficiency in a supply-chain associate position and was soon promoted to a management role.

Later, Mark Bronner Diamonds switched his career to personal investing as he recognized his instinct to oversee sound businesses. He started by funding various fast-food chains in the Philadelphia suburbs and later became involved with energy investments.

Mark Bronner became involved with the diamond industry after his former lacrosse teammate at Delaware approached him with an opportunity to help expand his business. At first, the two operated the business exclusively in Philadelphia as a diamond retailer. In the early

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    • University of Delaware