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Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Artist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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My full name was Mark Wilson Cidade. I didn't ever use my middle name. Cidade is pronounced "sid-ADD".

I was 40 years old. My birthday was May 23.

I lived in Toronto since I was born except for one year in Seattle (March, 2006 to March, 2007).

I had two younger brothers. My parents were from the Azores, Portugal.

I was an artist, a writer, and I played a bit of guitar.

I liked to read. I usually read stuff on the Web. I mainly read non-fiction.

I had a lot of interests, including philosophy, science, and art. With philosophy, I was mainly interested in logic. Of the sciences, I'm mostly into neurology, computer sciences, theoretical physics, and genetics. I liked to create art rather than treat it academically. Also high on my list of interests were social justice advocacy, linguistics, pedagogy, parenting, movies, and music.

I enjoyed a good conversation. There were very few things that I enjoy more. I preferred to talk about ideas. After that, I didn't mind talking about events, although I usually couldn't care less about the weather. I found that conversations about specific people tend not to be very interesting, unless it's one of the people in the conversation (including myself) or it's to illustrate an aspect of human nature.

My favourite food was ice-cream. My favourite flavour of ice-cream being vanilla. I liked Indian food a lot, too.

  • Work
    • Resolver, Inc.
  • Education
    • Self-taught