mark cousins

Filmmaker in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Dear Mr Gorbachev (assoc d, with Mike Grigsby, 60 m, 1989)

Gulf War: Scottish Eye (d, 38 m, 1990)

Another Journey by Train (co-d with Mark Forrest, 59 m, 1993)

Ian Hamilton Finlay (d, 40 m, 1996)

I Remember IKWIG (d, 40 m, 1996)

Scene by Scene (d, 24 x 60 m doc interviews, 1997-2001)

Cinema Iran (w/d 59 m, 2005)

On the Road with Kiarostami (w/d, 28 mins, 2005)

New Ten Commandments: Kenny Richie (co-d with Irvine Welsh, 11 m, 2008)

NTC: 8 1/2 (co w/co d with Tilda Swinton, 23 m, 2008)

The First Movie (w/d/dp, 81 m, 2009)

The Story of Film: An Odyssey (w/d/dp, 930 m, 2011)

What is this Film Called Love? (w/d/dp, 75 m, 2012) a personal film about Mexico City and Sergei Eisenstein

Dear Georges Melies (with 102 children and Tilda Swinton, 8 1/2 mins, 2013)

Here be Dragons (w/d/dp 76 mins, 2013) About Albania

A Story of Children and Film (w/d/dp, 101 m, 2013)

Homeless and The Wind in the Trees (w/d/dp, 2 x 9.88s, 2014)

Life May Be (co-w/co-d/co-dp with Mania Akbari, 80 m, 2014) Cine-letters

The Oar and the Winnowing Fan (w/d/dp 4 x short films about in betweeness, takeover of Dazed Vision, 2014)

6 Desires: DH Lawrence and Sardinia (w/d/dp, 83 m, 2014)

Your Eyes Flash Solemnly with Hate (w/d, 10 m, 2015) About the killer of Pasolini

I am Belfast (w/d/co-dp, 86 m, 2015) A city film, shot by Christopher Doyle

Atomic (d, 72 mins, 2015) A montage film, with a new score by Mogwai

Stockholm My Love (w/d, co-dp 2016) City musical, with Neneh Cherry

Bigger than The Shining (d, 83 mins, 2016) Secret film

Eisenstein on Lawrence (w/d/dp, 9 mins, 2016)

Storm in My Heart (p, 110 mins, 2018)

The Eyes of Orson Welles (w/d/dp, 100 mins, 2018

Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (w/d 15 hrs, 2019)


The Story of Film: A New Generation (w/d/dp 2021)

The Story of Looking (w/d/dp 2021)


Imagining Reality: The Faber Book of Documentary (Faber in the UK)

Scene by Scene (Laurence King)

The Story of Film (Pavilion in the UK)

Watching. Real. People. Elsewhere (Wallflower/Columbia University Press)

The Story of Looking (Canongate)