Marya Sherwin

Social Media Manager, paid media, and online marketing in San Diego, California

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HELLO! My name is Marya Sherwin, and I'm excited about marketing! Whether it's developing creative, pulling research, or analyzing metrics, my passion is the process! I'm looking forward to contribute my skills towards areas of social media communications and client-side campaign development.

INGREDIENTS | Marketing is about clear, effective, and consistent communication. Its success is determined by focus and incentives for the end-user. I have had many opportunities to help critique and practice this particular concept which can be an asset to any organization. My creative portfolio is under construction, but you can browse my linkedin profile for a complete list of experience and recommendation, and also follow me on twitter for ongoing conversations!

NATURAL SWEETNESS | Marketing is a true fit for me because I am naturally motivated to use creative approaches to problem solving. I am passionate for opportunities to assist with client needs, because any sustainable solution requires both a designer's eye and an analytical approach.

INDIVIDUALLY SATISFYING | I believe the combination of talent, ambition and opportunity equals success! I am energized by productive problem-solving work, and am ambitious, curious, and willing to go the extra mile. Please contact me for availability details--it's a sweet deal waiting to happen!