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Over the years the legacy of my family has become synonymous with craftsmanship, quality and beauty. Recognized the world-over as unsurpassed perfection. As a second generation Italian-American I am extremely proud of my spirited heritage. Come with me as we explore together my passion... my craft... Coffee!

Here at Mark Ferrari Specialty Coffees we produce world famous Kona Coffee direct from our farm in Kona, Hawaii. Specializing in 100% Kona, Signature Blends, Espresso and Flavors.

Consistent quality, superior service and dedicated people are the key ingredients that have created our winning recipe for success in the ever-changing world of specialty coffee. Our extensive experience in coffee roasting enables us to achieve the full dynamic potential of every bean. Each batch is slowly roasted, creating depth of flavor and aroma. To ensure ultimate freshness our coffees are roasted in small batches and delivered Roastery Fresh. A difference you will happily notice!

Mark Ferrari

Hawaii-Grown... Nebraska-Roasted!

A bit of the Aloha State in Nebraska