Mark Givert

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Mark Givert began his professional career as a Chartered Surveyor working in the West End of London with a reputable firm. He went on to specialise in commercial property investment and development.

As his career progressed, with his increasing success he experienced a declining sense of fulfilment and greater disillusion. He sought ways of dealing with the stresses and strains that come with corporate life.

In the 1980's Mark went on to explore a variety of meditation teachings & practices and finally found and began to practice a meditation technique that helped a great deal and launched him into the world of meditation & mindfulness.

Nearly 10 Years later in 1991 He went on to launch the London School of Mind body & Spirit which focussed on teaching meditation and running international meditation courses and retreats.

Some years later, still in his early 30's he made an unexpected decision to travel the world to study and deepen his practice of meditation. This journey lasted more than 20 years and culminated with him living for many years with a 90 year old Master Yogi practicing meditation, studying Ancient Yogic texts, and receiving many teachings on 'How to Live'.

This journey had taken Mark Givert to some rather remote regions and left him the worse for wear in terms of his health. It took him 6 years to restore his health!

The result of all this was that in 2004 Mark Givert set up a company called Get Fitt Ltd dedicated to helping people restore their health using the latest Far Infared Technology, Nutrition & Detox.

Interstingly 10 years later, alot of people have restored their health and also have lost a lot of weight; which seems to be a popular byproduct of our programmes.

This path has helped him understand how meditation can help improve our physical & emotional health, & our wellbeing . So he created a simple, practical meditation & mindfulness programme which was the result of his many years’ of meditation experience, practice and study.

Mark Givert is now sharing the knowledge that was bestowed upon him during his time with those wise men, who so generously and patiently imparted their wisdom to him. He is doing this through his programmes, courses and writings.

Mark is now helping people to understand the creative power of thought and how to apply this for good health, and unlimited success in all areas of the life.

  • Work
    • Get Fitt Ltd - Far Infrared & Detox Specialists
  • Education
    • City of London School for Boys