Mark J Mora Fresno CA

Real Estate investor and coach in Real Estate in Frenso

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Mark J Mora Fresno, CA, a resilient and dedicated individual, has embarked on a remarkable journey as a successful entrepreneur, mentor, and philanthropist. Born in Visalia, California, and raised in Woodlake, Reedley, and Fresno, his life story is a testament to the enduring human spirit, driven by a desire to impact the world positively.

As the eldest of seven siblings, he faced many challenges from a young age. His sense of responsibility and determination shone brightly as he supported his family through difficult times. His passion for football became an outlet for his struggles, starting at nine and continuing through high school and college. However, his journey took an even more arduous turn when he found himself homeless during his junior year in high school. This adversity forced him to mature quickly and become the pillar of strength for his family. He confronted these challenges head-on, and his resilience became the cornerstone of his future success.

His entrepreneurial spirit flourished during his senior year of high school when he ventured into the sales world, selling chicken, steak, and seafood door-to-door. His natural flair for entrepreneurship and unwavering perseverance set him apart in this field. At 19, he ventured into the real estate industry as a loan officer and began flipping homes. By the time he reached 21, he had achieved the remarkable milestone of making his first million dollars in real estate.

In the wake of the challenges the 2008 market crash brought, he redirected his entrepreneurial drive by establishing his financial firm. His commitment to sharing his success led him to become a national sales trainer for a medical sales company. Throughout his career, he has continued to nurture his passion for real estate, mentoring budding investors since 2005.

His generosity and compassion extend far beyond his professional pursuits, most notably through his charity, Project Smiles Inc., which he co-manages with his wife. Since 2015, this non-profit organization has been a source of joy and support, assisting families, children in need, and people experiencing homelessness through food and necessity packs. Looking ahead to 2023, they plan to donate a car and offer college scholarships. His work with Project Smiles Inc. exemplifies the virtue of generosity as he consistently gives back to those less fortunate.