Mark Joseph Phillips

Fermenter, writer, and musician in Great Barrington, Massachusetts

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About me:

I grew up in the Brandywine River Valley of Pennsylvania, spent six years in Philadelphia, and now live in Great Barrington, Massachusetts (with a few things in between). I ferment food, play jazz guitar, and invest myself into my community. I maintain @EarthCultures on Instagram, where I share my own exploration of fermentation as a vehicle for personal, cultural, and planetary transformation. I prepare fermented foods like sauerkraut and miso with love, and share them with my community in the spirit of the gift. I also facilitate meaningful educational experiences on food and fermentation, and contribute business development to Hosta Hill, a growing, local producer of artisan fermented vegetables based in the Berkshires.

I'm also a developing writer figuring out my niche, keenly interested in the question of system change at the intersection of culture, food, economy, and ecology.

Below is some of my writing on these and other subjects, with more to be found on Medium:

Nuts for Nuts: Seeding a Nut Industry in the Northeast | Capital Institute

Unlocking the Potential of Place in the Brandywine Valley | Capital Institute

Returning Home to Our Place in the Cosmos | Kosmos Journal

I believe transformative change starts with how we show up in relation to ourselves, our community, and our watershed.

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