Mark Juliano

Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Educator in Clarion, Pennsylvania

Mark Juliano

Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Educator in Clarion, Pennsylvania

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Mark Juliano is a serial entrepreneur (13 startups - CEO, President & Executive), founder of a non-profit, and university professor (Carnegie Mellon & San Francisco State). I'm also a writer of poetry, novels and memoirs. Recorded a complete free university course on Entrepreneurship at CMU (over 1,000,000 downloads). CLICK Here to see course.

My belief is that all people are (and can be) creative, which inspired this poem.

I am the Sun

We are all Suns

Shining brightly in the Heavens

And here on Earth

Look into someone's Eyes

And you will See it too

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I am originally from New York City, and have also lived in Placerville (CA), Palo Alto, Sonoma, Pittsburgh, Clarion, and overseas. Currently the President/CEO of The Nutra Foundation, and Renaissance Consulting, CMO and Advisory board member at Brava Fashions, former COO, CMO and was VP of Worldwide Marketing for IronYun video surveillance solutions. I've studied at Stanford Business School & Princeton University.

I've been a Founder and/or Senior executive at the following companies: FORE Systems, Avidia, TalkShoe, Vinomis Laboratories, Haley Systems, and MediaSite. Also worked for NET, ROLM/IBM, DRI/McGraw Hill and AT&T.

My hobbies include cooking, writing novels and poetry, drawing, painting, sculpture, dancing, traveling, sailing, cross-country & downhill skiing, horseback riding, hiking and camping. I love to travel, and have been to 41 countries...and counting.

I've recorded several podcasts, with over 2,000,000 total downloads: Entrepreneurship and Business, Traveling to Italy, and Italian Home Cooking. All are available on Apple iTunes and TalkShoe.

  • Work
    • Renaissance Consulting & Nutra
  • Education
    • Stanford Graduate School of Business
    • Princeton University