Mark Kessler

Web Developer, Consultant, and Small Business Owner in Sacramento, California

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Christian - Father - Friend - Entrepreneur - Eternal Optimist.

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. My story is simple, sorta... I had a pretty "adventurous" childhood as a competitive skateboarder, rockclimber, extreme sports nut... I also wasn't exactly what you'd call a model student.

The decisions I made, and the experiences that followed showed me one thing... what NOT to do with my life. I truly believe God doesn't let any experience go to waste, though and my life after that has been filled by helping people avoid the same mistakes and maximizing their lives in a big way!

I worked my way up in corporate America just to realize I was spending more time with pictures of my kids than the real thing. I have "done it all" when it comes to home-based businesses and traditional Network Marketing. If there's anything I have learned, it's that no one is wired the same way.

We are all unique, and everyone is meant to achieve their dreams according to the strengths they've been given, not the box that people often force them into. For example, not everyone is born to be in sales. However, when they focus on their strengths, according to the framework they were born with, they can prosper incredibly!

Now my business life consists of educating average ordinary people how to fulfill their dreams, attract the right people to them, build their business and become top earners in their chosen businesses. I offer insights and training on my blog and offer live coaching to my team members.

Life life to the fullest. Live Smarter Not Harder! Have a great day!