Mark MacDonald

Public Speaker, Consultant, and Writer in Jacksonville, Florida

Mark MacDonald

Public Speaker, Consultant, and Writer in Jacksonville, Florida

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Mark MacDonald has more than 3 decades of experience as former Senior Creative Director of a large Canadian branding agency, former Executive Director of Center For Church Communication (Church Marketing Sucks, Creative Missions, Spire, etc.), Director of Communication for 3000+ Florida Baptist Churches, and Dir of Church Communication with Generis (one of the largest Church Consulting agencies in the US). Now, he leads his award-winning church branding agency, Be Known for Something serving churches and Pastors.

Powerful Church Branding built on reliable research.

His passion? Talking about Jesus, encouraging Pastors, and simple, practical Bible teaching.

His 60,000+ social media followers know he’s the place for how-to direction! He’s had 850+ communication articles published, been interviewed for 80+ leadership podcasts, and heard at dozens of national church conferences (keynote, sessions, and workshops).

Pastor, communicator, and concerned churchgoer; reconnect to Your Community!

• 80% of evangelical churches are in decline or stagnation

• A third of our communities have no perceived need for a local church

• Churches aren’t known for anything relevant in their communities

SOLUTION: Be Known For Something that will reconnect you to your community.

Discover your thread!

We'll coach you towards a communication path that'll engage with your community.

Take an eye-opening journey to revitalize your Church’s reputation, control your message, and create a communication strategy for reaching the lost for Jesus Christ.

Mark loves working with churches across the US, coaching Pastors, and Church Comm Teams to effectively communicate (strategy) what they're known for (brand) in a trusted structure (process). So churches use their website, social media, email, texting, and print to authentically engage with their community and congregation. His services are delivered through Assessments, Coaching, Consulting, and #ChurchComm Strategy Implementation.

Let's dream about what your church or organization could look like.

And make it happen.

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