Mark McCool

Entrepreneur in Sarasota, Florida

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Mark has been married to Jeanine McCool since 1988. They have called Sarasota, FL home since 1999 after relocating from Wisconsin. They have also lived in Hawaii, Colorado, New York, Europe & Asia as well, where they served as missionaries in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Mark has been an innovator who envisions the hot products of the future, and a leader who was one of the pioneers of online sales. He is the mastermind behind some of the most unique and best selling wellness products worldwide.

He and his team have developed over 1,000 wellness products that have generated over three billion dollars’ in total sales.

Mark is an International Best-Selling Author!

He was instrumental in growing his last venture from $284 Million a year to over $3.1 Billion in just a few years.

In one of his recent campaigns, He registered 168,000 people online in just 60 days that then generated over $2 Million in sales the first week.

30+ Years of Direct Sales experience.

Major companies seek his advice. He has been on the board of 7 international direct sales companies.

He was awarded as one of the Top 30 Gadget Expertsto Follow on Twitter.

His success in business has allowed him to make charitable works and donations of well over $1 Million dollarsto many organizations around the globe.

Founder of the world’s leadingstate of the art nano-based R&D lab and manufacturing facility.

Now Mark has pioneered a new, and very exciting, nano-technology, making nutritional supplements significantly more bioavailable and effective to the human body – making them up to 10 times more effective.

Utilizing this new nano-technology, Mark founded SWYCH in 2019, the leading nano-based Direct Sales company world-wide. With global operations in Florida, Kansas, Utah, Italy, San Marino, Mexico, Uganda, and the Philippines. Mark has developed a new way of delivering nutrition directly to the cellular level via SWYCH STRYPS®, oral strips infused with nano-sized nutrients. This patent-pending product is changing the way people get their nutrition.

Mark’s focus is continually on his faith and family. Improving the lives of others continues to be a guiding influence in his life. Mark’s passion continues to be creating new wellness products, websites, mobile applications and business development systems that help people become healthier and more successful.By creating and combining new technology with traditional marketing, he believes that everyone has the ability to reach higher levels of success. Get Bio Here!

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    • Green Bay East High School
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