Marlo Bernier

Filmmaker, Actor, and Director in Los Angeles, California

Marlo Bernier’s Bio

Ms. Bernier and company had their first taste of triumph with their Award-Winning film; The Last Time We Were...Silver Remi recipients WorldFest/Houston 2006 - bottom-line; the bar had been raised when Bernier’s Jackie Frost Films in association with writing/producing partner, Jennifer Fontaine’s Scorpio Rising Films became a filmmaking union with which to be reckoned, delivering their freshman effort from principal photography to the screen in under five months. Only to be surpassed by their recent delivery of their short film STEALTH, from first frame to screen in under eight weeks. And in May 2009, Bernier and Fontaine were contracted by Mississippi Films to co-pen Finding John Smith(formally; Aaseamah’s Journey), which they accomplished in under six weeks and subsequently the same feature Marlo was hired to helm - plain english; breakneck speed. And most recently was hired to helm the multi-award winning short-sub narrative LEAP by Kill the Pig Productions.

Equally important to her filmmaker credits, Bernier brings 50 plus years of living to the table, as well as over three decades of solid work on both stage and screen. On stage Bernier repeatedly delivered award ~ winning performances in leading roles on the stage in Angels in America; Parts I and II, Love! Valour! Compassion!, God's Country and most recently as Josephine in American Repertory Theater’s production of Trans Scripts - Cambridge at Harvard. Along with memorable guest roles in COLD CASE, Homicide: Life on the Street, Las Vegas and ALIAS. And on the larger screen in The Connection, Cecil B. DeMented, The Last Time We Were...and in David Fincher's ZODIAC and this past year in the role of Osnat in Jill Soloway's Transparent - Season 4.

With no alternative and proudly pressing 60, Ms. Bernier knows full well that this effort is hardly a solo act, but rather a collaborative one of formidable proportions and it is toward this end that she is acutely aware that it is the forces opposing which ultimately drive and deliver anything worthy of note ~ especially that of cinema.

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