Marshall Alston

Human Resources Professional in Alexandria, Virginia

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As a human resources professional, Marshall Alston is passionate about business, innovation, community, and team building.

Human resources refers to all of the different people that make up a company or organization's workforce. At his current position, Marshall Alston manages a human resources department for a staff of over 1200 individuals in different focus areas and locations.

Within the HR department, there are a multitude of different components to consider. These components cover everything from business analysis, to process improvement, to leadership planning, team collaboration and much more.

Marshall Alston holds over 25 years of experience working as an HR professional. Throughout his experience he has become an expert in all aspects of HR, going on to become to the Vice President of the Human Resources Department at Prudential.

Additionally, Marshall Alston is a dedicated member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). As the largest professional HR society, SHRM helps leaders in HR develop new ideas and innovative strategies to grow and advance the practice of human resource management. Currently, there are over 285,000 members represented by SHRM across the world in 165 countries.

Outside of his professional career in HR, Marshall Alston also enjoys being active within his local community. He currently stands as a board member for the Newark Boys Chorus School, an independent grade school he attended as a young man. He loves being able to represent the values of leadership and hard work that the school promotes, helping to inspire future generations in their career endeavors.

  • Work
    • Prudential Financial
  • Education
    • Ramapo College
    • Cornell University