Marsha Thorne

Where Thought Bubbles *Pop*

UPDATE: To the person(s) who found my wallet, and has now GOOGLED me please return it. - drop in mail. You'd want the same for you. No good will come from misuse.

I'm a helper ✩. I am of no help to myself unless I am of greater help someone else. I ♥ creative writing, development, implementing and branding moving parts within MEDIA ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT, EDUCATION and ADVOCACY.

Aside from, associate producer on a theatrical show, I teach literacy content and serve as a program mentor and resource facilitator for legally challenged and formerly incarcerated youth. Hobbies include: an archive motivational blog under my handle SaySu. A bit of a traveler, I'm known for sporting my fav accessory: MY SMILE. I use it often, (like to pick up random adorable kids) around the world.

My dream job 1 of 10: One day to sketch, write and work with comedians Key & Peele on social movement around PIC.

PHOTO: Hangzhou, China [Group Leader, Summer 2011

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