Martha Beach

Writer, editor, and fact-checker in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Martha lives and works in Toronto. After completing an undergraduate journalism degree from Ryerson University, she was set loose on the world with a strong set of research skills, a passion for editing, good writing ability, proofing prowess, a pretty good sense of humour, and just a pinch of journalistic cynicism.

Martha fact-checks, writes, copy-edits, and proofreads for various publications. Toronto Life, Reader's Digest, Maclean'sand Canadian Business are just a few she can boast about. Send her a note to request an up-to-date resume.

Martha likes the exactness of copy editing, and she's fond of writing about education, health, and lifestyle. But most of all she enjoys talking to new people and the opportunities to learn while fact-checking and researching.

When she's not working, you'll find Martha with her daughter, on her yoga mat (YT560), or curled up reading with her cat.

  • Education
    • Undergraduate Journalism Degree, Ryerson University