martin burns

Writer, Strategic Consulting Leader, and Public Speaker in Newburyport, Massachusetts

Dad. Husband. Traveler. Happiest on a slow bike, drifting down a country road.

I'm a hack poet, sometime entrepreneur, sometime public speaker & thinker on the nature of work and hiring, and generally like a good joke. I cook a decent risotto, and can ski without falling down (that's taken a fair bit of effort). I live in one of the world's corners of paradise, and I like to sit out in the backyard with the birds, a nice beer, and a great book.

I'm pretty involved with the recruiting industry, where I lead Strategic Consulting for the best recruitment advertising firm in the world. So, I'm kinda lucky. Along with that, I muck around in the general conversation around who we are as an industry, and where we're going. I present at international conferences, as well as attend as many as possible as an active participant.

  • Work
    • HireClix
  • Education
    • BA - Writing, St. Lawrence University