Martin Bolton

Consultant in Preston, United Kingdom

Hello, I’m Martin. I’m a Facilities Management consultant living in Preston, Lancashire, and I help clients challenge the way they perceive, and deliver Facilities Services.

I use my many years of customer service experience to change traditional perceptions of what good looks like, and to encourage aiming for great. I position Facilities Management teams and service providers in clients shoes, and give them the support they need to understand the impact of their service delivery on their clients experience and perception. I help them visualise what good, and great, facilities services look like, and together we develop appropriate strategies and solutions.

I have worked my way from back office administration role to Operations Manager of a Bank, I have lead major team restructures, I have delivered significant strategic change, I have won industry awards, I have managed multi million pound budgets. I have lost contract bids, I have been unsuccessful in job interviews, I have failed to achieve on occasion, but I have always learned from any setbacks and come back fighting.

I have a fantastic family, I love sport, I am an avid football fan. I have built some great relationships and have seen many colleagues flourish.

I was never good enough to play professional football, but I still dream that one day I may make it, although I know I never will. But I do help others achieve their dreams.

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