Martin Himel

TV Director and Filmmaker in New York

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Unit 8200 1 x 60 min documentary for Vision TV, Canada. Premiered May 2017. Three years ago, Ron Reiter shared a bachelor pad with two of his friends. All three were trying to reach their dream of creating successful start-ups. 3 years on, Reiter sold his company for $50 million to Oracle. One friend sold his start-up for $320 million to Microsoft. The other sold his for "just" $150 million to another multi-national. They are not Ivy league graduates, but veterans of Israel's 8200 unit in military intelligence. Cyber security has become a top priority internationally. A unique behind-the-scenes look into this top secret unit, responsible for some of the most famous hacking missions.

Undercover in ISIS- 1 x 60 min documentary for CBC Doc Channel Premieres Sept 25th 2016. Investigative documentary - two undercover agents infiltrate the murky online world of ISIS terrorists. Includes a cyberdate and marriage proposal from a known jihadi operating in Sweden. Extraordinary undercover footage never seen before. See trailer here

Secrets of Survival 1 x 90 min feature documentary, called "One of the must-see documentaries of 2017". Broadcast on CBC Doc Channel. Canadian Malka Rosenbaum discovers she has a sister born in the Holocaust Where is she? German Juergen Ulloth finds out he has a different Father, an American WW2 soldier. Who is he? We follow their common search, as they discover the Secrets hidden from them about their past.

PBS Newshour Behind the frontlines in Iraq with the all-female unit within the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK. The women are on the front lines of a fierce battle against the Islamic State.

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