Martin Lumsden


Owner at The Cream Room - Music Production and Sound Recording

I was just a small boy when I first started listening to the charts and we found out the new number 1 on a Tuesday in those days. It was only later that it was possible to get it all ready for a Sunday evening.

I remember it being a big deal when the chart show started counting down from 40 instead of 20, and when Radio 1 went from medium wave only to FM stereo. That seems a long way from DAB and live web streams, but the excitement of hearing a new tune has always remained constant.

I'm not a musician or a music expert. I sing a bit and I know a few chords and I've got small collections of mildly off the wall stuff from what barely qualifies as a misspent youth. What gets called 'Pop' generally hits the mark and for me that's a much broader church than just what makes the chart. I'm most drawn to music that inspires love, irrational devotion, momentary pleasures, smiles, and unexpected tears; even if quite often it's to the general disdain of the musos and the purists.

They've got their reasons. I just think that life is much better when it's got a soundtrack.

  • Work
    • Director @ The Cream Room
  • Education
    • George Heriots, Edinburgh