Martin Myburgh

Designer, Web Developer, and Consultant in Gauteng, South Africa

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A social media driven, self confessed GitHub junkie. Further obsessed with open-source! Makes for interesting times! Totally driven and propelled by Twitter with the radio always playing loud!

I experimented with social media extensively. I focused on the dynamic nature of streaming audio visual media as a perpetual rich data source.

Mobile application development grabs me! As does cloud engineering and DevOps. Combine those and I am guaranteed to be smiling!

I like to play with ideas until they work. Which is what I did with my prototype

It took hard work to get it all together, but it works!

The architecture I designed, is a static cloud based Github Pages hosted, Cloudflare cached, optimised, secured and hardened progressive web app framework.

It is my first yet feisty progressive web app - give it a click it's worth it!

  • Education
    • American International School