Martin Röll


My name is Martin Röll. I come from Luxembourg, and live in Dresden, Germany.

I work with Structure & Process, an collaboration consulting and organisational development company.

Individually, I

help entrepreneurs, especially consultants, coaches and other people in the helping professions rethink their business, improving finances, fees, client relationships, marketing and sales.

coach and mentor people of all walks of life, helping them find out what they want from life and what to do about it.

eat, breathe, dance and teach contact improvisation.

On a more private side, I

have become somewhat of an activist around non-binary gender awareness.

provide relationship advice for people in non-monogamous, open, polyamorous and other unusual relationships

get on people's nerves with a zen-buddhist view on things sometimes. Forgive me.

I have a past as a startup founder, an IT project manager, an e-business consultant, and as a Buddhist Monastic. I enjoy talking about past, present and future very much and will do so at very great length if you ask me. I function best in situations that are weird or unclear

If you'd like to get in touch, please do it: I generally like people and will probably enjoy you. Business proposals welcome, if you have some patience: I am usually quite filled up with work, but alway happy to consider new possibilities. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Work
    • Structure & Process (Founder, Partner)
  • Education
    • European School Luxembourg
    • TU Dresden