Martin Weber

Founder, Investor, and Entrepreneur in Berlin / Hamburg

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What's an entrepreneur´s most powerful weapon? For me, it's the fearless ability to overcome the alleged impossible, which requires sometimes the right (!) amount of chutzpah.

My newest challenge is to build a materials science company called one • five. My co-founder and I are planning to change the way we think about plastic packaging by allowing bio-based innovations to be commercialized.

Previously I've been the CFO and SVP Business Development of INFARM.

In 2015 I was appointed as Program Manager of EuropeanPioneers, an accelerator funded by grants of the European Commission. Before, I was COO of StartupBootCamp Tel Aviv; investing, accelerating, and mentoring our startups. I focus on innovative business models, strong KPIs to measure success, and a good UI.

Prior to that, I ran the investment department at the Entrepreneurship Center of the Tel Aviv University, assisting Start-Ups with fundraising. I've also been active as an IT Project Manager at a Fortune500 in Chicago and a turn-around consultant in Hamburg. I hold an M.Sc. from ESCP Europe London, Paris, Madrid - specialized in Entrepreneurship.

Please reach out if I can help you hurdling the unobtainable.

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    • one • five
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    • ESCP Europe
    • HSBA Hamburg
    • Tel Aviv University
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