Marty Gunderson

Entrepreneur, Developer, and Overall Rubble Rouser in Canada

Marty Gunderson

Entrepreneur, Developer, and Overall Rubble Rouser in Canada

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Marty Gunderson is a family man and screaming capitalist. He is married and has 4 kids. Thankfully they look more like his wife...

Mr. Gunderson started in the financial and investment industry in 1990. He has a track record of success and leadership. He has won awards and exceeded corporate goals while working with some of nation's leading banking and investment institutions, including TD, Assante Financial and Walton International Group; where Mr. Gunderson was a top producing land banking consultant.

During his time with Assante, Mr. Gunderson won the Heavy Hitter Award as recognition for his role in helping build a marketing process for advisors across the nation. He has an educational background in securities and investment products. Mr. Gunderson has participated in a number of land banking syndications and real estate investments.

Mr. Gunderson owned an email marketing company that specializes in the financial industry and is proud to have a number of major financial players on their client roster.

He also has an acute affinity towards real estate development. Marty, along with his capable partners, are currently developing over 1000 lots and units where families will be ecstatic to live.

Always interested in trying new things, Mr. Gunderson has founded a winery in the beautiful Naramata region of the Okanagan called, Quidni Estate Winery. "Quidni" is latin for Why Not?, which fits perfectly in with his entrepreneurial personality. Many of his friends asked him why he started the winery, in which he quipped, Why Not?

Marty has been in the financial industry longer that he cares to remember. In recent years, he has served in many capacities in the private market financial industry where the major growth and excitement is coming from the area of "Fin-tech", which encompasses crowdfunding, block chain technologies and other software advances. Marty is focused on learning more about these generational, paradigm shifting technologies.

In additional to being a passionate public speaker, he is also a baseball fanatic who is a past President of his slow pitch league and past Head Coach of his son's football team.

He's not a bad ping pong player, either.