Marusa Novak

Designer in Oslo, Norway

I believe I'm the reincarnation of the amazing Pippi Longstocking. No, really! When I'm not traveling to hidden islands I'm fighting my fight against growing up. In my spare time, I'm a product designer, illustrator, designer, a DIY freak and a maker of robots. I'm In love with bright colors and materials to work with.

Usually, I'm the girl visualizing stuff, making sense of data and helping people make sense of the world. Visual brainstorming, quick & dirty prototyping, scenario design and instant beautification are my specialties.

In my previous lives I worked with small tech startups, NGOs and big enterprises. Ran a studio, pitched for capital on stages from the US to Dubai. I traveled the world, tasted it and illustrated it in my diaries.

In the meantime, I’m always active organizing and participating in workshops. I’m proud to have cofounded a local Rails Girls group, brought Service Design Jam to Slovenia, ran numerous DIY & coding workshops for kids and helped design and run two TEDx events. Also, co-created Biomodd, where we hacked plants and IT in awe-inspiring installations.

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