Mary Magalotti

Psychologist in Melbourne, Victoria Australia

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Mary Magalotti is a psychologist currently living in Melbourne. Mary has vast amounts of industry knowledge in both running a psychology firm & being a trained psychologist. Mary Magalotti areas of specialty include but are not limited to clinical supervision, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), stress management, private practice management, medical practice management, business relationship management, counselling psychology, psychological assessment, and working with adolescents.

As a private practice psychologist owner, Mary Magalotti has always had the goal to help others priorities their mental health to therefore live a happier & healthier life. This is why Mary joined Jodie Brenton in 2001 to create Life Resolutions and bring mental health solutions to more Australians. Mary believes it is important to help others improve their perspective on how they view themselves to see an enhancement in their mental health status.

This is one of the reasons Mary Magalotti believes mental illness should be taken seriously. The idea behind Life Resolutions to provide mental health access to anyone who might need the help of trained psychologists.