Mary E. Clarke, PhD

Production Artist, Content Developer, and Social Scientist in Los Angeles, California

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Visualizing global research, data analytics, and human behavioral insights

With a proven ability to engage global communities and to both develop and maintain client relationships, Mary navigates diverse perspectives, collaborates effectively across teams, and delivers visual media that is both timely and transformative. She is an adept, multi-disciplinary artist with expertise in translating qualitative and quantitative datasets into impactful visual media that offers insightful understandings of human experience.

Employing agile methodologies and intelligent workflows, she maintains organization and quality across multiple projects, while also making her progress accessible to clients and collaborators. She has an exceptional eye for detail and vast background as a production artist, having worked in numerous markets—from entertainment, fashion, and cosmetics to higher education, publishing, and enterprise industries. Her problem-solving approach and paired, actionable solutions not only transform teams, but generate competitive advantages and improve customer retention.

  • Education
    • Boston University
    • Savannah College of Art and Design
Mary is an ideal team member: easy to work with; friendly, generous, thoughtful, and helpful; brilliant at working with data; extremely organized; very communicative; self-directed and independent while also excelling at teamwork. We hit the jackpot when we hired Mary!”
Kim Richter, PhD, Senior Research Specialist, Getty Research Institute
Many, many thanks for your creative and meticulously researched development proposal! It’s easy to see that you have a perfect understanding of the SCAD mission. You have truly considered the museum from all angles – from visibility and layout to theme and collections. Your proposed developments abound with potential, especially your ideas for enhancing a historic tableau through AR and gaming. You are a tremendously gifted researcher and problem solver."
Paul Wallace, President and Co-Founder, Savannah College of Art and Design
[We] remember you very well, and still appreciate...your kind, generous, thoughtful, conscientious, and meticulous professional attentiveness and care to our manuscript and its proper preparation for the journal. We have worked "with" a number of other Editors and journals since then...but none have been as attentive and caring in their duties as were you. Believe me, you and your professionalism remain often thought of and very great greatly appreciated by us to to this day!”
Joesph Ball, PhD, Professor Emeritus, San Diego State University
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