Mary D Redd

Steinway Child and Family Services, Inc., led by Mary D. Redd, provides numerous essential health and human services options to the people of Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn who are struggling financially. Dedicated to providing care to New York’s highly diverse populations, Redd has directed the agency in assisting 3,500 people a year though its numerous programs. Although based in Queens, Steinway provides help throughout New York by offering its services through freestanding clinics, local schools, and to client’s homes. Some of the populations that Steinway provides assistance to include families, senior citizens, those at risk for HIV/AIDS, minorities and immigrants, and especially children. Mary D. Redd believes that real health care begins before a child is born, and that that care ought to continue throughout the rest of that person’s life. Under Mary D. Redd’s leadership, Steinway has kept families intact and provided culturally competent care to underserved individuals. Some of the programs specifically offered by Steinway include HIV/AIDS services, residential programs, income support services, mental health services, and elderly care.

Mary D. Redd has guided Steinway to the top tier of New York’s charitable organizations. At Steinway, 92% of all revenues go directly to client services, and those served have reported a satisfaction rate of over 95%. All therapists at Steinway are properly evaluated and licensed, and Mary D. Redd ensures that the highest level of care is always maintained through employee training programs. Some of the benchmarks that Mary D. Redd reached last year include serving 1,082 children and 722 adults through Steinway’s mental health programs, testing 105 people for HIV, and providing some 64,000 people with food through the company’s Food Pantry program.