Maryna Aleksandrova

Most of the time I spend doing design and front-end development for SoftwareMill - amazing and progressive company from Poland.

I also do contract work for various customers from different countries. In my free time I enjoy making animations using CSS3 - here, here and here.

I run cooking meet up in San Francisco. I also organized first Ukrainian Rail Girls workshop in Kharkiv in June 2012.

In general I’m interested in projects that try to solve problems in education, sharing economy, city planning, cooking.

I also participate in hackathons a lot. I won Staticshowdown hackathon in 2014, took 3d place in Startup Weekend Rio 2012 and won best Hack of the month on Hack & Tell Berlin in October 2012.

I recently became a memeber of Double Union - feminist makers space in the San Francisco.

I travel a lot, but currently live in San Francisco.

Send me an email, if you want to meet for the coffee!