Mary Russel


Mary Russel started writing in grade school, when she had a poem published by Highlights, a children's magazine.

Friends, she met on Gather, inspired her to write her first published children's book, Flickertail & Paint, Barnyard Sleuths. Her second book, Rudolph, A Child's Love Story is based on Mary's early childhood. Although it is the story of a foster child and an adopted child, she hopes it will help all children learn to accept themselves.

Mary has also been busy with revising the Sleuth & Scribe cozy mystery series for ages 13 and over. The first two books of the series "The Cold Case" and "The Car Lot" have just been published. Autographed books are available in her Amazon Store

Novels in progress include "The Bed & Breakfast", "The Hexagon Murders", and "The Steamer Trunk".