Mason Jones

Software Engineer in San Francisco, California

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I've worked at startups around San Francisco for many years, building products and leading engineering teams. Currently at Lattice; previously I was at Credit Karma, before which I was VP of Technology at Womply.

Earlier, I was co-founder of FinderLabs; and Chief Architect at RPX Corporation, developing tools to analyze the intellectual property landscape. Even earlier, I was at SingleFeed, BlackArrow, DHAP Digital, Nickelodeon Online, and others.

I'm also a musician, primarily a guitarist. My current project is Numinous Eye, and before that I started the psych-avant-rock band SubArachnoid Space. I'm a member of Collision Stories, Dodge-Jones-Rage, and others. I've also released many solo/collaborative albums over the years. I founded the Charnel Music label in the early 90s and put out records by bands like Crash Worship, Pain Teens, Gravitar, Fushitsusha, and Mainliner. I travel to Japan frequently, and have written extensively about Japan's independent music scene. I currently review records for Dusted Magazine.

In my nonexistent spare time I also write fiction, paint, and do graphic design for album covers, magazines, and books.

  • Work
    • Director of Infra @ Lattice
  • Education
    • University of Michigan