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Masonry Brick Contractor New York City Written by: ruthmary Are you wondering; where can I find a professional and dependable masonry contractor near me? Well, if you are based in New York City, you've come to the right place. Our company specializes in providing all kinds of masonry services including, but not limited to brick installation, brick pointing and repointing, brink stamping and brick repair. We believe that your house or building should be as beautiful and stylish as it can be. That's why our team of masons is committed to delivering every masonry project in the Brooklyn and Queens boroughs with precision and superior-quality workmanship. Whether your project is residential or commercial, we promise you exceptional work that will go beyond your expectations.

A Quick Look at Our Key Masonry Services Brick Installation If you're building a new house and are considering doing it with bricks, then our professional brick installation can really come in handy. We can work on any masonry project right from residential homes to retails stores, office buildings all through to churches and hospitals. Brick Pointing and Repointing If the mortar or paste between the bricks of your building shows signs of damage, deterioration or decay from excessive exposure to sunlight or water, you need to do brick pointing/repointing. Our experts, in this case, will remove and replace any damaged, deteriorated or missing mortar in between the bricks, stones and blocks.

Brick pointing/repointing basically helps: -Block out water from leaking into the house or building through the walls -Strengthen the brick mortar joints -Prevent formation of apertures and cracks on the brickwork -Restore the look and aesthetic appeal of the brick wall Brick Repair and Replacement With prolonged exposure to water and weathering, part of your brick wall or structure may get damaged or develop massive cracks. In this case, you'll need expert brick repair and replacement service in order to restore the look of your structure or building. As experienced masons, we can skillfully repair and replace bricks of your building wall, walkway, chimney, fireplace or free standing wall, whenever you call on us.

Our experts can even go the extra mile to help you select the best quality of bricks that are not only long lasting but also good looking.

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