Massimiliano Carta

Serial Entrepreneur, CEO, and Consultant in Italia

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Massimiliano is a serial entrepreneur at eleven companies around the world currently living in Italy.

He has an extensive professional background in managing critical business project operations for multinational companies. He has managed about 300 such projects throughout his career and has risen through the ranks to become a Country Member of the Board of Directors, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Executive Officer.

With over thirty years of experience both nationally and internationally, Massimiliano is a highly skilled manager with expertise in managing complex projects. He possesses strong knowledge and experience in Research and Technical Development, Automation and Reengineering of Business Processes, and Crisis Management with an immediate response in Aviation, Ports, Industrial Plants, and Transportation.

Strong experience on sales and marketing with extensive experience and outstanding results in business development in large accounts.

Outstanding record of increasing sales and expand market penetration proven track record of achieving quota consistently, full motivation on action to provide results driven attitude with strong people management capabilities.

Excellent interpersonal capabilities feelings and passion to reach the business goals.

In addition to his professional skills, Massimiliano is a member of several European Think Tanks and former member of the Mensa Society, an aircraft pilot, a skydiver, a chess master, and a sports shooter, showcasing his diverse interests and commitment to personal growth and development.

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    • 11 companies around the world