Massoud Rajavi NCRI

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Massoud Rajavi managed the affairs of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and played a major role in the organizations expansion and growth. His efforts and dedication to the organization has earned him the trust of the NCRI members.

In his early years, Massoud became involved with the People's Mojahedin Organization Of Iran (PMOI). He became an influence on the PMOI's modern interpretation of Islam because of his knowledge of revolutionary theory, religion, and history.

After Ruhollah Khomeini seized power, Massoud Rajavi worked to protect the people of Iranian Kurdistan and defend their rights. Massoud called for a democratic revolution, demanding safeguards for democratic freedoms for the Iranian people.

In 1981, Massoud Rajavi announced the formation of the NCRI, an organization that would act as a democratic alternative to the current religious, terrorist dictatorship.

Massoud Rajavi devoted his time and efforts to nurturing the development of the NCRI and supporting endeavors to stop the dictatorship of the Khomeini regime. The NCRI elected Maryam Rajavi, wife of Massoud Rajavi, as the future President of Iran in 1993.

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    • National Council of Resistance of Iran
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    • Tehran University