Máté Rab

Entrepreneur and Consultant in Debrecen, Magyarország

Máté Rab

Entrepreneur and Consultant in Debrecen, Magyarország

>>> Building Debrecen since 2005 with bottom-up and top-down approaches!

> [bottom-up] Building global business success stories as COO at Innonic.com!

> [top-down] As Bus.Dev. Manager of QCG.hu I had several projects, such interesting like direct communication between the municipality and SMEs (Press release).

> [bottom-up ] I'm the main organizer of Startup Week Debrecen, where 30 co-organizer deliver 15 programs, hosting 500+ people for a week (Videos).

> [top-down] Working in the healthcare and startup sector, I was asked to hold a presentation about Hungarian eHealth Startup Ecosystem by Belgian Business Club (Photo, Presentation).

> [bottom-up] With my team at IGEN Debrecen (school for innovative entrepreneurs) we focus on people building their business skills and team spirit (Alumni).

> [top-down] I helped University of Debrecen to be marked on the global map of university rankings with international marketing (Link).

> [bottom-up] Giving back to society is important to me: by leading my University Alumni Organisation (website+video); by organising the local TEDx event (my TED Talk); or by having regular small talks (importance of HR).

> Proud father and happy husband.

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