Mateusz Kołodziej

Teacher, journalist, and blogger in Tarnów, Polska

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I'm a teacher of the Polish Language and Literature at high school in Tarnów, Poland. In the past I also worked in middle school, primary school and school for adults. I have a MA in Polish and English Philology (specialization: teaching).

I am the winner of the plebiscite for the Best Teacher in Tarnów 2018 and the finalist of the competition for the Best Teacher in the region (6th place). In 2010 I published book about the use of songs and music records in teaching literature. In 2020 I published a book about Jerzy Pilch prose.

I'm interested in music, literature and popular culture. I combine this with running web site and journalism in local media. I'm basketball and speedway fan, too.

  • Work
    • ZSEO in Tarnow
  • Education
    • State Higher Vocational School in Tarnow