Mathew Lowry

Digital Transformation, Integrated Communications Strategy, and Content, Community & Social Strategy in Brussels, Belgium

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I no longer use since the redesign, so please visit my:

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I figure out & implement integrated communication strategies (offline & online, internal & external) for organisations ranging from the EU Commission to online media and start-ups.

Most highlights are, inevitably, online - e.g.,:

- first database-driven site by any European organisation, 1995

- first XML-powered web publishing system in Brussels, 1997

- EC's first “web first, paper later” communications platform (1999)

- EC's first Web2.0 Community of Practice, 2002

- EC's first thematic, cross-silo portal & content management system, 2003

- BlogActiv, most successful blogging platform on EU policy, 2007

- first two uses by EC of semantic technologies in online comms, 2009 & 2011

- Digital Agenda - first site on EC's Multisite Drupal platform, 2012.

All of these projects were team efforts, of course. Generally I conceive the overall project, write the specs, and manage both the overall project and the editorial & social dimensions. I'm always somewhat in awe of my teammates who can design & develop.

As the biggest challenge is usually organisational, however, my sweet spot is digital transformation: weaving new digital strategies into existing organisational fabrics via internal communications, training & innovation programmes.

In my free time I'm exploring the use of semantic analysis, machine translation, autotext summaries and sentiment analysis to create machine-assisted human curation engines to improve cross-border content discovery and support online media (more:

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