Mats David Awesome Goldberg

author, Realtor, and Adventurer in Älvdalen, Sverige

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(1) If you are interested to follow an adventurer on his way to international recognition then go to my Facebook page for the latest updates.

- At the moment I look for partners interested in branding themselves with an international adventurer.

(2) Otherwise I am studying to become an alpine and adventure guide at Älvdalens Utbildningscentrum in Älvdalen, Dalarna.

(3) I also arrange and tailor make awesome adventures for companies and their employees and customers all over the globe.

(4) When possible I hold inspirational and motivational lectures about not giving up, no matter how tough your current situation is. Please contact me if you would like more information or book a lecture.

(5) A new website is currently under construction and will eventually be available


Went for a spot at the Russian reality show Game2:Winter that has been compared as the real world Hunger Games. The show was supposed to be broadcasted internationally 24/7 from June 15th, 2017 until April 1st, 2018. I was the only Scandinavian candidate and I have been featured in media through TV4, Sveriges Radio P3 / P4 / P5, Aftonbladet, Expressen, Dalarnas Tidningar and more.

So who am I?

In 2016 I was part of the Adventure Academy with the adventure - Dalälven Swim, where the idea was to swim along Österdalälven from Hällsjön north of Idre, down through Dalälven with the final destination Furuviksparken. In the end I swam 185km, paddled 278km and draged a kayak 42km. A total of 505km. Read more about it

I am a father of two children.

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