Mats Gulbrandsen

Oslo, Norway

Mats Gulbrandsen (1989) is a Producer who is based at the capital of Norway, Oslo.

Already at the age of 12 Mats was already tweaking and tuning electronic beats at his home studio setup. He has spent several hours working at the studio and today is master of his environment. His sound is both proffesional and of high quality, and is found in form of bootleged remixes in the libraries of DJ's all around the world. Allthough his name is still mostly known in his home country, todays colaboration with other upcoming and experienced artists are opening new doors for this talented musician.

Besides beeing an underdog and undiscovered diamond in the studio, Mats is also an active DJ and has perfomed all around Norway as well as had a couple of visits abroad. He plays at established clubs like Nox (Oslo) and Klubbteatret (Drammen)

His focus on developing and creating electronic music sets him apart and puts him on a different level of scale in the Norwegian DJ market. If you have heard him play you have probably heard his music, in both remix form and his own product.

In the past he has released several of his productions. After having set aside time to focus on the developement of his sound, he is back, and will soon be publishing his work once again.