Mat Smith

London, United Kingdom

Mat Smith

London, United Kingdom

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Wears multiple hats. In work, as well as actually on head.

Comp sci then music degree, gave up both to take photos for a living, now I live a dual existence as director of a MSP (managed service provider - MARCH 2018 we are hiring - know any good technicians?) and full time professional freelance photographer shooting editorial, commercial, and personal portrait photography. See

Basically I adore photography, but I'm worried that some day I'll go short-sighted, and will need to have already set up a sustainable, scalable business in the IT Industry.

So for now - I don't sleep.

Stuff I love:

- music: early English choral, Chopin, Jarrett, Corea, Coltrane, Bach, Bach, and more Bach
- roasting and blending coffee beans
- Arduino / electronics hacking, making stuff
- playing jazz piano in a vocal duo

Hyperlocal for Chiswick: @chiswickish

Personal tweeting: @hazymat

Personal blog: (electronics hacking with a bit of political ranting)

Youtube Channel (electronics hacking):

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