I am a wooden form craftsman.
I live in Japan.
I made a wooden case cover for iPhone5s/iPhone5.
You surely like it.

wooden case cover for iphone 4 made by the wooden mold company founded in 1937. the main products are wooden mold for casting parts of cars or the other machines. using and developing the know-how, now iphone wooden case were launched.

we use "left over" to produce most of our iphone wooden case.
here in Fuchu city in Hiroshima, Japan is famous for fine furniture and we are located in same area. we can get the left over from the furniture makers.
one person's junk is another person's trasure:)
that's absolutely treasure for us!!!

main feature of this iphone case is that again it's wooden made.
the reason why people feel warmness when they touch wooden material is that it doesn't take heat from their fingertips. It has lower thermal conductivity than the other materials. The cases are all oil finished so that they can keep the warm texture. it protects the wooden material from inside, not like chemical coating on the surface, you can feel the original warm wooden feature and also it makes the case more full and rich as time goes by.
on the other hand, solid timber can be affected by the climate, and warped or changed the shape. it, however, proves that the wood is natural and still breathing. we believe that can make our goods more special.
from the thinnest part in the middle, it makes slight curve to the both thick ends. the curve makes it possible to fit the iphone case comfortably in your hand, and also you can feel the wood texture more. The curve helps you hold the case and the thickness in the both ends protect the fragile corners. once you pick it up, you may see the perfect shape is not only functional but also beautiful:)