Matt Whitby

Berkshire, Engand.

Matt Whitby

Berkshire, Engand.


Bought a cake from porn star Ron Jeremy.

Was offered cocaine in a Latvian bowling alley.

Drove from London to the capital of Mongolia in a 1 litre car.

Drove across America (LA to New York, through twenty States)

Sat at the head table for a dinner with a high-ranking Freemason.

Had a crash landing in a hot air balloon.

Went to Las Vegas and didn't place a single bet.

Joined a cult.

Have been flown over the Grand Canyon.

Kissed Orville the duck.

Have a huge collection of sausage roll wrappers.

Proposed a toast the Kazakhstan army.

Spent 2006 trying to buy a fridge magnet in every county in

the United Kingdom.

Met Roald Dahl.

Hoping to visit fifty countries by the time i'm fifty.

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