Matteo Rossini

Operations Manager in Fano, Italia

Matteo Rossini

Operations Manager in Fano, Italia

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I was born on the Adriatic seaside of Italy, February 22, 1976, in a town called "Fano" (derived from the ancient Roman Latin name "Fanum Fortunae", that means "Temple of Fortune").

I've always been fond of science, particularly in physic, astronomy and computer science: in fact I degreed in Computer Science in Turin University April 9, 2001.

I served my Country in the Italian Army, Signal Corp, as an Officer for 10 years. In september 2006 I joined the Italian Army Reserve, rank Captain.

From October 2006 to November 2009 I worked as Sales Manager at Hi-Net Group, an Italian System Integrator and Application Provider.

From November 2009 to February 2013 I worked as Operations Manager at Flying Work, a flight school and airplanes maintenance organization.

Nowdays I'm acting as Operations Manager at Fano Airport.

My favourite sport is Muay Thai and my preferred artistic activities are writing, painting and photography.

I'm a Star Trek ('Ex astris scientia') and Bruce Springsteen fan too!

I'm also remembered as the discoverer of cialtronevo.

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