Matt Harris

I'm founder of UK based creative digital agency Pixelwork, co-founder of Mobile Explorer , director of The Explorers Museum, a Fellow of The Explorers Club and the Royal Geographical Society.

Some Random Facts :

I'm a Yachtmaster & PADI instructor

I've worked as a treasure hunter in the Bahamas

I've swum from Alcatraz Island (in under 30 minutes)

I've been held at gunpoint in Cuba and Italy (un-related!)

I've surfed in Central America, skydived in Vegas and been robbed in New York

I found a WWII plane for the US National Park Service

I've tested a new re-breather for Drager

I've dived at a nuclear test site in the Pacific

I've skippered a yacht around Cape Fear in a force 9 gale

I've spearfished in a great white shark hunting ground

I've owned more wetsuits than business suits

I have a separated shoulder from downhill mountain biking.

I also snowboard, race on downhill mountain & road bikes, run marathons, race in long distance open water swims, skateboard in old school skateparks and have also completed an Ironman in Austria.

Despite all this my kids still call me "a silly old man in his glasses".