Matt Hartley

Matt Hartley was a co-founder of the ever popular and once iTunes front page featured podcast, Weezy and The Swish. These days, Matt works diligently as a consultant for WeatherBug, proprietor of the largest privately owned weather station network on the planet. In between his duties at WeatherBug, Matt writes on Linux and Open Source projects for QuinStreet. For those looking to connect with Matt, he can be found on Twitter, YouTube and Friendfeed.

In addition to everything above, Matt works on a joint project with his wife called The Home Makeover Diva and provides volunteer services as an assisting project coordinator for the WebcamStudio project. Matt also maintains and everything that goes with it.


My experience with various desktop Linux distributions dates back to early releases of Red Hat, but really took off with early versions of Knoppix. From there, I traveled to Linspire 4.0-5.0, SimplyMepis 3.1, Debian and then finally settled on Ubuntu. Most recently I made the permanent switch to Linux Mint.

These days, I spend my time answering questions, writing articles and providing common sense solutions to problems that crop up for the casual Linux enthusiast. I've shared tips on selecting software, peripherals among other items of interest to ease the transition for newer Linux users.


You can find my resume here. I am currently accepting new assignments on a case by case basis, so feel free to reach out if you have something in mind.