Matthew J. Suckrow

Matthew J. Suckrow

I'm a musician, guitar teacher, and worship leader living and working in Chicago with my wife, Bethany. I hold more than a decade of experience playing with bands in venues around Chicago, plus five years of experience leading worship for local churches and teaching guitar.

I got my start as a musician at a young age because my mom is a piano teacher. She had me plinking away at age 5 and our home was always alive with the sound of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and other favorite oldies. I soon discovered my soulmate, the guitar, and by age 13 I was living the dream in a punk/ska band, complete with a posse of screaming girls. (If you want proof, I still have the embarrassing video footage.)

The rest is history; I've been rocking out ever since, playing with bands of all genres - pop, punk, ska, metal, indie rock, blues, folk, and good old classic rock.

My current band, Matthew Jason and the Collective Debut blends a mix of rock and blues. To have a listen, you can download it for free at

I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Worship Arts from Judson University in 2007. My college experience allowed me to combine my love of music and ministry with theater and multi-media arts. I played on worship teams, performed with the college choir, and collaborated with fellow musicians in a variety of projects.

Currently, I'm seeking to share my talents and leadership with a church that needs my unique blend of traditional and contemporary worship.

I'm also looking for guitar students. I've taught people of all ages and experience levels. If you're interested in learning the instrument, learning specific songs, or want to develop your skills further, I can help you achieve your goals.

Please email me at matthewjsuckrow[at]gmail[dot]com for worship resume, guitar lesson rates, and professional references.

When I'm not playing, performing or teaching, you can find me fishing or trying to convince my wife to watch Ghostbusters with me.