Matthew Titmus

Engineering Team Lead in New York

Hi, I'm Matt. I've been in the tech industry for a bunch of years, and I've learned a bunch of things. Many of them the hard way. I compiled a lot of those hard-learned lessons into a book, Cloud Native Go (O'Reilly Media).

Currently I work at Yext in New York. There I lead Team Axon (the “SRE team”), which cares about things like platform stability and accessibility, observability, configuration management, and operational tooling.

In February of 2018 founded the NYC chapter of CoffeeOps, in part to explore my professional interests in dev+ops, human+ops, automation, metrics, monitoring, and alerting.

I know a little bit about a bunch of things: distributed computing from both the development and infrastructure perspectives, data science, machine learning, deep learning, arcane algorithms, computational biology, and various other odds and ends.

Finally, if you want to talk to me, I have an open office hours. Please, no recruiters.

  • Work
    • Yext
  • Education
    • Stony Brook University