matthew pace

A former assignment photographer for Liaison Agency and Getty Assignments, Matthew Pace applies 25 years of experience to commercial and publication clients.

His active career keeps him on the road traveling the US and Europe on assignments photographing people, places and things, while maintaining his direction on his fine art. Taking a break from his profession, he turned his attention to another passion, the kitchen, becoming sous chef and assistant kitchen manager to one of the largest chain restaurants that set the pace for today's Sport bars. His current focus is on food, giving it "Visual Flavor" as well as portraits of the people involved in the industry.He understands food, its language and those who speak it

From his experiences, he created Miami Food Photography, but don't let that name mislead you. He also travels using his base in Atlanta and the New York metropolitan area and his extended reach into Europe via his family throughout France.

Food and People for both Corporates and the food business.